About Us

‘The school is founded on the core values I hold most dear to my heart;
knowledge, expertise, dedication, patience, confidence-building
and – perhaps the key to the school’s great success – pure enjoyment.’

Michala Jane’s presence and verve is evident and embodied in all that attend our school. Once empowered by these qualities, pupils cannot resist the power of dance and are encouraged to discover, develop and share with the world their spirit of movement.

Michala Jane teaches the I.D.T.A. syllabus and was one of the youngest members of the ballet branch at her qualification. Still not satisfied, she has continued to increase her schedule of higher-level examinations in her pursuit of excellence.

The Michala Jane School of Dance regularly performs it’s own theatre productions, that are crafted from many years of experience gained by starring in, choreographing and directing a great variety of performances and shows. From the Theatre Royal Norwich to Clarence House London, these performances have not only bedazzled and enthralled audiences, but have raised thousands of pounds for various charities.

Michala Jane teaches many styles of dance; from ballet to tap, stage to modern, contemporary to freestyle. Our schools are based in Brooke and Norwich, so whether you want to attain high standards through examination, perform on stage to packed audiences or just want to have fun and enjoy yourself, we are the school for you.

Only the Michala Jane School of Dance brings the true spirit of dance to everyone.

Classes in Brooke & Norwich

Tel: 01508 537009 Email: michala@michalajane.co.uk